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Maryville's Farmer's Market

I finally made it to the Maryville Farmer’s Market last Saturday.  It was very easy to find right on West Broadway in the historic part of town.  It was small but very interesting.

The first booth had 12, count them, 12 varieties of tomatoes.  Names I have never heard of and didn’t write down.  The only familiar name was Heirloom. They were beautiful and beautifully displayed in baskets.

In fact, everything at the market was nicely displayed.  Most vendors had appropriate baskets for their goods.

I finally found some wonderful multi-grain bread.  $4/ loaf.  There was beautiful clear honey with honeycomb in the jar.  I bought muscadines.  They appear to be grapes.  There were white and red ones and very round and firm, sweet with a tart skin.  Blueberries were still in season so I bought a quart for $4.

Locust Grove Farm was there with their local cheeses.  I bought the six month aged manchego and it is lovely.  $10.43 for .535 lb.  They also had a new manchego, cheddar and edam.

There were also lots of beautiful potatos, some herbs, a little bit of salad greens and that was it.

Because I have a garden with squash, green peppers, hot chilis, tomatoes, cucumber, canteloupe and herbs, there is very little I need from the market.

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