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I had another day of shopping in Knoxville. I was only going into town to buy a new battery for my cell phone. Yeah, yeah, you know the rest of the story! I had to check out a natural foods store in Turkey Creek. Turkey Creek is an upscale neighbourhood with a large shopping mall that has some lovely stores.

Well, the lovely store I found was The Cook’s Corner. It was very innocuous from the curb but upon opening the door I knew I was going to be awhile.

I found so many wonderful things but I have to remember that my car is already maxed out when I pack up. So I held back. But I needed rolling pin covers. I don’t even have a rolling pin right now. I should have been checking them out first.

Then I saw the Le Creuset butter crock. I have been looking at them but never felt I really needed one. In this hot and humid climate, I don’t like leaving my butter in the cupboard and it is always too hard when left in the refrigerator. Perhaps this would be the answer.

So I added it to the shopping cart. Then they had those cute little gauze wraps for lemon halves and wedges. Kaching. Then I found a nice, simple black apron. I wanted one to take to my cooking class in Orlando. Kaching, kaching.

But the pièce de résistance was the Sauce Master Food Strainer by Northpro. I have been looking for this for years! I can’t believe I found it! Without any preparation I can peel and seed tomatoes in a flash with this piece of equipment. It is like a food mill but it separates the pulp from the skin and seeds. I bought two additional screens, one with a larger sieve size and one that is smaller. I thought it was a bargain at $66.95. The additional sieves were $17.95 each. Tomato sauce will be a breeze! I can hardly wait to try it.

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