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Volunteering at the Church

With so much time on my hands I volunteered to make the Wednesday evening meal for a youth group at the church.  I am attending a United Methodist Church in the country near my house.  It is exactly like the United Church in Canada, as far as I have seen, so it works for me.
 I had no idea when I volunteered that I would make any shortfall if we didn’t have enough money to pay for the meal!  Oh well!  I’ll just take it out of my Sunday offering.
 My task this week is to make sandwiches for 40 people.  The woman told me just to get some ham and cheese.  “And don’t bother getting that healthy bread.”  Real easy.  No problemo.
 I checked out the sandwich ham at the Food Lion and it was pathetic to say the least.  But, they did have smoked hams on sale.  For $13 I bought this ham and after baking at 335F for 2 hours and basting with a glaze of honey grainy mustard, orange juice and more honey, it was very tasty.  I don’ think I could do better price-wise if I had bought that awful packaged ham.

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