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Labour Day Weekend Tomato Sauce

I had a couple of pounds of ripened garden tomatoes in the refrigerator.  I had sweet and hot peppers, basil, oregano and green onions in the garden, too.  I wouldn’t normally use green onions in a tomato sauce but since I wasn’t fixin’ to drive into town, I used them.
The result was a nice red sauce that I can use with pasta, pizza or seafood. 

For several years the September long weekend has meant the making of litres and litres of roasted tomato sauce. 
Kris and I have been making the tomato sauce for years, say, about 10 years. We buy cases of romas from the farmer’s market.  Claire and Peter dropped in one year and we sent them to pick up another case of tomatoes so they could join us.  We grill them on the gas barbecue, drop them into cold water and slip off the skins.  Then we simmer them with herbs, peppers, onions and garlic for an hour.  We process them in jars in a hot water bath.
This has been another year of upholding a fond tradition.

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