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Storytelling Capital of the WORLD!

Leave it to the Americans to make such a claim. But I think this time they might be right. Storytelling seems to be a pastime in the Smoky and Appalachian (short 'a' not long 'a') Mountains of the south.

I spent the weekend and had a wonderful time in Jonesborough - the oldest town in TN and storytelling capital. It isn't that old actually.  It is only late 1700's which is 100 years after Quebec City.  Their life in this town revolves around storytelling.  I attended a performance by Sheila Kay Adams.  She is a petite woman with long graying hair, 50 something from Sodom, NC (hmmm....) She made no bones about her hillbilly upbringing and intent on not letting the stories fall from our collective awareness.  I had no idea that the stories didn't have to be true! I was so gullible!

So, I must make this somewhat food related. I stayed at the Blair-Moore B & B. Mimi is a Cordon Bleu trained chef and has been cooking since she was able to walk. In fact, she ran to the kitchen to bring out proof of how long she had been cooking. We were expecting to see certificates and diplomas.   No, she brought us out her first apron. It was adorable in soft red cotton with a little edging of 'girls' stitched by her grandmother.  It was so 50's. She has been cooking for 49 years.

Breakfast was presented with lots of wonderful strong coffee, a fruit plate with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, mangoes, pineapple, half a peach drizzled with honey from France and kiwi with strawberry yogurt.  Then we had a French toast made with Portuguese sweet bread stuffed with mascarpone and served with maple syrup and blackberry syrup. Substance was provided with crisp bacon, sausage patties and a potato and smoked provolone frittata. Oh yes, and coconut muffins. They actually looked like cupcakes to me. These were left on the table so we could indulge anytime during the day. Good idea!

I didn't take pics of my breakfast or B&B for some reason but have pics of the village. This is true Davey Crockett country.

After leaving my storytelling presentation last night I caught the final song from the Music on the Square with a local Appalachian orchestra.  The music was fantastic and people freely got up and kicked up their heels with a bit of clogging.  How more local could you get!


  1. I'm not really a breakfast person, but I could become a convert after your B & B breakfast description. I could almost smell it! Talk about story telling - I think you have the gift - although I am pretty sure this was a true story!


  2. are too funny! Yes, it was a true story. But I didn't eat the coconut muffin/cupcake.


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