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Rainy Day Saturday

Rain, rain, rain, thunder and lightning.  When will it stop?  It is desperate in some parts of Georgia and Tennessee with the once in a hundred year rain.

Tonight I am going to a dinner party.  The hostess is making a whole deep fried turkey!  Hopefully this rain has not changed the plans because I have never had fried turkey.  I hope that big pot o' grease is outside!

So here I am making oatmeal cookies for the youth group on Wednesday.  I bought some sugar.  I don't ever recall seeing 'pure cane sugar' in the stores at home.  It was markedly more expensive than 'sugar'.  I asked another woman who was selecting 'cane sugar' what the difference was.  She was thinking with her taste buds and said, "mmm...I think it is sweeter".  So I bought pure cane sugar.  I don't think I'll notice the difference in making only oatmeal cookies.  It is a recipe I have never tried before, from Joy (my only cookbook).

Baking oatmeal cookies and watching Law and Order on a dull, rainy Saturday is my idea of cozy.


  1. So this is the result when its a RAINY day! Great, i wonder we like to eat when its raining...

  2. Hi, how did those raincoast crisps turn out for you? (speaking of rain!)


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