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I Ate Wonder Bread today...

I don't think that is how it is spelled.  I think it's Wonderbread.  Or is it Wunderbread?  Whatever, OMG, I have not ever eaten anything remotely close to this stuff.  At first blush, the sandwich was tasty.  But as I lingered over my wonderful grilled chicken, I could taste sugar and....salt.  Once I recognized these flavours they became even more pronounced.  It was actually gaggingly awful.

How could I forget to take pictures?!?

I was making sandwiches for the YU at church.  I was told to buy the cheap bread.  These kids actually like it!  The bigger travesty is that they are stuffed with my wonderful baked ham and grilled chicken.  I have sliced garden tomatoes, marinated cucumbers and crisped lettuce.

Next week I am thinking of making potato skins.  I think I'll buy that shredded bag of cheeses.....yum!

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