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Butter in a hot climate

Remember my earlier comments about shopping in Knoxville.  I bought a Le Creuset butter bell.  My conundrum was keeping butter ready for use.  It is so warm and humid that I was not comfortable leaving it in the cupboard, which is what I do at home.  If I leave it in the refrigerator, it is always too hard.

I love my butter bell.  If you can see the little black marking at the bottom of the bottom part, that is how much water you add.  Then the 'bell' is placed so the water excludes all air from the butter.

It has been working very well.  I think I am a convert and will be using this even after returning to the 'north'.

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  1. I have been using this since I posted this article. It is fantastic. The butter doesn't get too soft in the warm weather and stays very fresh. I think the water has something to do with keeping it a little cooler.


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