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Basil Pesto from the Garden

Today was the day to deal with all that wonderful basil in the garden. I can’t bear to let it go to waste. I had almonds but no pinenuts in the pantry so that is what I decided to use. It was wonderful. I forgot to toast the chopped almonds. I think that would have made a difference.

2 cups lightly packed, fresh basil leaves
¼ cup chopped almonds, toasted
½ cup nice olive oil
2 cloves garlic
¼ cup grated parmesan cheese
salt optional

Chop the almonds in the food processor and dry toast in a stovetop pan. Chop basil & garlic with olive oil in food processor until finely minced. Combine toasted chopped almonds, finely chopped basil & garlic, parmesan cheese and more olive oil if necessary. Pack into a jar and float a little olive oil on top to help preserve the mixture. Or, freeze the pesto in an ice cube tray and store the ice cubes in freezer bags for later use.

Unfortunately there is little chance of snapping a nice pic of pesto.  It turns from the beautiful bright green to drab in seconds.

I tossed cooked penne with pesto and cooked chicken. Topped with more parmesan cheese and served. Yum.


  1. I have been following your blogs and quite enjoying your adventures. Having visited Tenessee (Nashville and Knoxville), and touring Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio and Indiana, I am quite envious of your stay in Tennessee.
    Sounds like you are not wanton for new food experiences.
    Thought I just wanted to let you know I have been looking forward to reading about your new experiences.
    Thanks for keeping all of us a breast of your adventures.
    Kindest Regards
    Ron Fujikawa

  2. Hi Ron,
    I never thought for a minute that I would have a 'though a day' when it comes to food down here. But such as it is, I think this could be the way it is no matter where we are. Food is such an adventure :)

  3. I noticed your basil plants had big flower shoots coming off of the tops. If you will pull those off the minute they show up, your basil plants will expand, get very bushy (desirable), and increase yield by a bunch.

  4. Thanks for the tip, David! I didn't know that. There was so much in the garden that I didn't use it all.


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