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Pork has always been a good buy even in high times but I have never seen the choices like I see here, in Tennessee.  Today I bought bacon.  Simple enough, I would think.  But I could hardly make a choice.  Hickory smoked, applewood smoked, hardwoods smoked, thick cut, extra extra thick cut, uncut.  And it was all fresh, not frozen.  And it was all beautifully lean, if that is not an oxymoron.  This is what I finally chose – hickory smoked and lean at $4.58 a pound.
In addition, there is a similar selection in hams.  They really know how to do hams down here.  They are so amazingly flavourful.
I finally saw spiral cut ham.  Perhaps they sell them in Canada, but I have never found them.  Pork butt is an amazing bargain.  It is also called pork shoulder. It is great for pulled pork sandwiches and carnitas.  Tenderloins, ribs, chops.  They are all amazing.
They don’t have quite this selection when it comes to beef or lamb unfortunately.  But, when in Rome…….

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