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Everyone's a Critic - Full Service BBQ

I learned about another great little Maryville (pronounced Maravahl) dining treasure on Chowhound today.  It is a former gas station converted to a barbecue eatery.

I snapped a few pics and thought I would come back another day but after a short drive around the block, I decided to try it today.  As I was taking another picture of the meal, the owner asked me if I was a food critic. Eww, that sounds so harsh.  But if I am eating, taking pictures and blogging about it, well, then I guess I am visiting as a food critic.  He ran back to his computer, checked Chowhound and ran back asking if I was Sarah Galvin.

Well, it was worth the visit.  Pulled pork, pulled chicken and ribs, all smoked on-site in huge smokers, were the specialties.  Sides included southern slaw, green beans, baked beans, potato salad and mac ‘n cheese.

It was such a treat to find quick food that was not all greasy.  The ribs come ‘dry’ or ‘wet’.  I ordered ‘dry’ and it came with a little tub of barbecue sauce, bread & butter chips (Southern for pickles), and a dinner roll.  I had the southern slaw and green bean sides.

The half rack of ribs was way more food than I could eat.  It was delicious.  The ribs were tender, blackened but not charred, and with a hint of heat.  The green beans were simply boiled and felt healthy.  The slaw was just like our Canadian slaw but not as juicy.

But the best part was the ambiance.  It is on the site of a former gas station,
hence the name “Full Service” .  The only thing missing were the pumps.  Orders were taken and filled in the little pay booth.  Picnic tables were set up in front under the canopy and you can watch the rush hour traffic go by and stop in.
I will definitely be back for the pulled pork.  I can’t leave the south without trying proper pulled pork.


  1. I tried the pulled pork today. Lunch special is a large bun of pulled pork and one side for $5. How could I say no. I had mac 'n cheese as my side. The pulled pork was slathered in BBQ sauce on a white bun. Some people like coleslaw on their pulled pork so it was served on the side in a little container. It was really good. Again, way more food than I could eat. The mac 'n cheese was elbow macaroni in a Kraft dinner type of sauce. I just like sitting there and watching traffic.

  2. Wow you are really having a great experience in the south...good for you

  3. Yes, it is interesting and fun. Thx.


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