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Fried Green Tomatoes

I had to.  I could not be in Tennessee and not try cooking fried green tomatoes.  I have tomatoes fresh from the garden ripening on my windowsill.  How much easier could it be?

I checked and The Joy of Cooking.  One uses milk and the other beaten egg for dipping the tomato slices before dusting with cornmeal.  I decided that I like the sound of beaten egg better.  It would be more viscous and allow more cornmeal to adhere.
 This will be my simple dinner this evening.  I have some nice bacon and farm eggs. Sounds like a dinner made in breakfast heaven.  I also have some pineapple tomato salsa.  Perfetto!

I found an interesting bottle of Bock beer in the pantry.  The label says 'smooth with chocolate and coffee undertones'. Sounds perfect.
Well, it was.  I sprinkled kosher salt and pepper on thickly sliced green tomatoes.  Let them sit.  Dipped them in beaten egg and then coated them in cornmeal with smoked hot paprika added.  Fried them in bacon grease.  Yum!  I poached the egg, so I can be forgiven.


  1. My brother has tons of these, yet won't eat them green. I will have to go pick for myself.

  2. I was cautious at first, too, not being from the South. But I love 'em! Also check my blog for Green Tomato Relish. It was easy and nice on a sandwich.

  3. If you want ripe tomatoes faster, put them in a sealed plastic bag and then next to the window. Bag collects the gas (ethylene) that ripens the tomatoes. Putting a ripe fruit like a banana in there also speeds it up.

  4. I use this method for fruits. Didn't think of it for tomatoes! Thanks.


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