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If you could take only one cookbook...

If you could choose only one of your cookbooks to take with you, which one would it be?  I would love to hear which one you would choose.  I had that dilemma when I sold my house and packed everything into storage.  My car already looked like the Clampett’s so one cookbook was all I had room for.

I chose The Joy of Cooking.  It isn’t necessarily my favourite, but it might satisfy my need for any recipe I might need for the next six months.  In all honesty, is my favourite source of recipes.  But I find myself now without internet unless I am having orange herbal tea at Starbucks.

Did anyone choose Julia Child?  She is such a hot topic these days.  The Silver Palate cookbooks are actually my favourite and I regret now that I didn’t bring The New Basics cookbook by the Silver Palate gals.  I think it would have been a better choice than Joy.

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What would you choose?


  1. Now that I have decided to prepare the dinners for Wednesday night youth group, I am glad I brough JOY. I don't think I would find Sloppy Joes in just any cookbook! Everything happens for a reason ;)

  2. Silver Palate Do I need to add those to my collection?

    I can't imagine being forced to pick one book. Maybe my old Better Homes and Gardens? But how boring would that be?

  3. I know. I even thought Joy would be boring but I am using it and enJOYing it! I bought Dorie's, of course. But I am relying heavily on I love my Silver Palate's.


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