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Mini appliances are the way to go!  I am beginning to learn that furnished rentals and house sitting gigs do not usually provide me with a very well equipped kitchen.  I have only one bowl!  I have are a slow cooker and toaster oven and no other appliances.

I picked up this little food processor today from Williams Sonoma in Knoxville.  It arrived in their store this week.  It cost $39.95 and is a 3-cup size.  They also told me that Cuisinart has a new model in the works that has 3 different bowl sizes with one motor.  That is great for the home kitchen, but the little mini is great for traveling.  At home, you can use it for making pesto, guacamole, marinades, herb butters and sauces.

I cheated with the margarita.  No freshly squeezed limes!  W-S has a great mix.  Just add ice and tequila.  This little food processor made shaved ice in seconds.  It had lots of power, has 2 settings, has an auto-reversing blade and the safety feature that it cannot be turned on when the top is not properly in place.  

Now I can have my smoothies at last!

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