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I'm a blogging virgin

I know.  It isn't a new or creative title, but you get the drift.  I have no idea what I am doing as I set up this blog so, don't you be shy.  Join in and keep in touch!
Tonight I saw 'the' movie.  Julie & Julia, of course, and I cried through most of it.  Why didn't I think of doing something like that?  It seems like so much fun.  And you could feel how much Julie truly enjoys cooking.  And you could feel how truly driven Julia was.  They are both delightful characters and both inspirational.
On Monday I leave for my adventure in Tennessee.  Whilst in that area I will be exploring southern cooking and foods.  This is the reason I decided to start blogging.  I want to share with my loyal and dear friends who have cooked with me, eaten with me and shared a lot of fun times at the table.  I want to continue this sharing while I am away.  I have already enrolled in a Belgian candy making class in Orlando at the end of October with Jean-Pierre Wybauw, a celebrated chef from Belgium.


  1. Hey Sarah, Welcome back to the world! We were wondering where you were and what you were up to. I can help you with any blogging questions you have. It's easy to edit your posts. Just go back to the main Blogger dashboard and then choose "edit posts". It's that simple. My first suggestion would be to make your header image smaller, and choose a different coloured text for your title. I'll reserve the rest of my comments for one-to-one contact. Have fun! Marlene

  2. Hi Sarah...Way to go! It all looks good to me!
    I thought of you last week when I saw Julie & Julia and am not surprised that you have followed suit. What a great idea! Never know where this can lead! Wishing you the very best

  3. Good to stay in contact with you, Sarah.
    I await good food ideas.
    Actually Ryan Slifka is thinking of starting some sort of Knox seasonal offerings cookbook. So if you have any local (Calgary not Tennessee) recipies they might come in handy.
    You have missed a terribly wet summer here.

  4. Hi Grant,
    You would think I was busy or something but I didn't notice you posted. I'll put on my thinking cap. By the way, others have not been able to post. How did you do it?


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