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A Workout in My Garden

I am spending way more time outside, working on my garden, than I am in the kitchen these days.  After a few hours outside, I have no energy left for cooking.

Remember those three columnar cedars?  Well, they are gone!

I am removing all the red shale from my beds.  There was a kiddie pool once upon a time in the back yard with a beach!  Must have been fun but now I have to move all of that sand out! They are now in piles on my driveway - clean red shale, dirty red shale, sand.

And that little crabapple tree that they planted 40 years ago grew up.  The interlocking bricks were so close around the little tree that when the trunk expanded, they all moved around and became too tight.  So I removed some. That was two days work for that little pile of pavers.

I am watching the garden.  So far there are some tulips and crocuses and this little flower whose name I do not know coming up.  Leaves on the trees are beginning to bud out. 

 I decided to make a cold frame with my brick planter.  I found some glass panes in my basement and they will work great to create the mini greenhouse so I can plant now.  Bonus.


  1. Great photos. Sounds like a lot of work, but it must be quite rewarding. Good luck! Cheers!

  2. Wow - I'll say a lot of work. Bet your bones are aching and muscles are screaming. There's nothing quite like a gardening workout is there?

  3. Lazaro - right on both accounts, lots of work and rewarding!

    June - aching and exhausted! I am early to bed, I tell you. Not even close to being done yet.

  4. Isn't it fun living in a new place and watchin all the stuff come up while you try and figure out what it is!?

  5. I always feel tired but so pleased with myself after a day of working outside. I know you are feeling the same. I love these kinds of posts.

  6. The start of gardening season is so exciting! I'm often bored by the end of the season, but I can never wait for the start! You'll enjoy your crabapple tree. Has it flowered yet? That's what the one outside my kitchen window is, and it's fabulous! I might try pickling crabapples this summer or fall, because I just found a recipe for that!

  7. You know what? You are right to be outside! Much much healthier by all accounts! You are going to be making a beautiful garden.

  8. Wow. You've been working out hard! You're doing a good job. It must feel good to have your own home.

  9. I wish I had a garden... how wonderful it is to bring one back to life. I think it is the most rewarding thing in the world. Bravo for freeing that poor tree... KUDOS!!!!

  10. Oh how exciting designing a new garden! Can't wait to see what is the surprise tomorrow!

  11. Your garden is looking lovely! congrats on getting the junipers out :) Much improved!! Yard work is fulfilling but exhausting, keep it up Sarah! Soon you'll have the garden that is the talk of the neighborhood!

  12. Pam - it is fun to see what pops up. I am so impatient though.
    Velva - yes, there is a certain satisfaction with a good day's work.
    Marjie - the crab hasn't flowered yet! I think I will be taking it down, unfortunately. It is rotted in the trunk and will soon fall down on my house.
    Joumana - I love to be outside. I took yesterday off and cooked something.
    Memoria - yes, it feels great!
    Deana - see Marjie's note above! I will plant another one.
    3 Hungry Tummies - it is tomorrow already!
    Andrea - I am probably already the talk of the neighbourhood for taking out those trees! Just wait until I plant more!


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