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A Drive in the Country

There is a barn about a mile away that had both gable ends blown out by a tornado.  It is quite the interesting sight.  It looks like a frame and you can see clear through it.  My friend and I decided to take a drive to get a closer look but someone lives there so we just went for a country drive.

These are pictures of the Neville Cemetery.  It isn't terribly old but is a typical country cemetery in Saskatchewan.

After walking around and reading headstones we continued south toward hills and ravines.

One of the ladies in town has a secret fishing hole somewhere west of here, so we took the next road west.

If you are familiar with the Canadian prairies, you would know that every two miles East/West there is a road and every mile North/South is a road.  It is completely a grid and impossible to get lost.

We drove a couple of miles west and the road became less used until we got to a spot that was way too muddy for me to drive through.  It would be a long walk to get someone to pull us out.

But this is where the stream was.  We found it.  A nice little quiet stream winding through the little hills and grasses.

What a coup!  We also found lots of farmer's rock piles that we could take rocks for my friend's garden.  A rock pile is where the farmer piles rocks that are taken off the land so the crop grows better and the machinery gets through better.

Then we headed home on another grid road with new views.  We were certain that if we had been one day earlier the road would have been too muddy to be passable.  With the warm, windy spring weather it had dried enough to use.

All in all, a nice afternoon on the land.


  1. Sounds like a great time! The photos are great. You live in beautiful country!! Isn't it fun to get out there & see the sights that are literally in your own backyard?

  2. Don't you just love to drive around and discover things. That is exactly what we did this afternoon after a nice Easter brunch. It is still quite cold so we are enjoying driving around and discovering!

  3. Whenever the Doctor and I drive upstate and I say, isn't this lovely... he always says you should go up to the Yukon... that's scenery! I think you have the real deal too.. must get up that way one day... love your country escape!

  4. Sometimes it's most interesting to just follow the yellow line down the rode to see what lies beyond! Wonderful pictures!

  5. That sounds like a fun drive - I love little meanders through the countryide with some adventure along the way. Pretty pictures of the graveyard, but I notice there aren't any of the fishing hole. Are you worried we will all find?

  6. I would die to go for a drive in the country. The furtherest we can drive in Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut is about 8 miles. We had a "treat" yesterday and drove out to the airport and watched them unload the freighter as it had just flown in and we were expecting foodmail on it. We hadn't had a plane into our community in 4 days due to a blizzard,which normally we get 3 airlines in per day. And yes our food arrived and in very good conidtion since it was 3 days late getting to us. Sometimes the produce can get here spoiled or frozen if it has sat on the tarmac too long.

  7. I love discovering..How nice you have a friend to share it w/,,

  8. Andrea - yes it is! I want to get out a lot more now that I am in a new place.

    Rita - that's great!

    Deana - I think he's right about the Yukon. We are quite different but I love the ravines, hills and we have unique landscape closeby - sand dunes and Cypress Hills. I'll be getting out to both this summer.

    Marjie - I think I get it from my Dad. We would usually go for a Sunday drive to look at the fields when I was a kid.

    Grace - you are the observant one! I guess we were so excited to find the stream that I forgot about the camera!

    Gloria - yes, the same old 8 miles would get a little boring! Soon you will be back down here.

    Nana - yes, I really appreciate going for a drive with a friend.

  9. c'est magnifique en plus j'aime beaucoup l'esprit aventureux
    bonne soirée

  10. Someday (added to my ever-growing list) I intend to tour Canada. I have so many Canadian followers on my blog and I'd love to see your beautiful country.

  11. I'm glad you had a wonderful day out!

  12. I spent a lot of time in Canada when I was young, boating. And it is a lovely country! I lived in a little town on a river in Michigan and Canada was on the other side of the river!
    I had no idea that the roads were set up in grid fashion in the praries though.
    You spent a lovely day exploring!

  13. beautiful. A day spent driving through the country-awesome. Also, "impossible to get lost" even better.

  14. Sounds like a fun and relaxed time out!


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