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Fish and Seafood on the Prairies

There IS a local fishmonger.  It isn't the type of place you would find by the water or in the city.  All of their product is frozen.  But I would rather have good frozen fish and seafood than poor fresh fish.  So I bought a local favourite, pickerel.  This is true Canadiana.

The best and only way to serve pickerel is to pan fry in butter.  (Although my recently deceased uncle, Doc, liked to dip pickerel cheeks in batter and fry them.  My cousin, Joy, liked to call him the Master Baiter because he lived to fish.).  It is a delicate and flavourful fish.  I pan fried in brown butter and added a squeeze of lime juice, sprinkled with Maldon salt.  Add some pan fried potato chips and steamed brocciflower.  I have no idea what you call it!

Tastes like home...yumm

And bonus, I found a Filipino grocery store.  It has a ton of stuff.  I think I'll be learning about Filipino food now!  If you know any wonderful Filipino blogs, please let  me know.  Thanks!


  1. Sarah, I'll send to your e-mail a picture of your brocciflower's close relative! :)

  2. Nothing beats pickerel especially if someone catches and you have it fresh!

  3. Oh pickerel. Gosh darn it, now I'm really homesick! Yumm

  4. une assiette savoureuse jolie photo je t'en félicite
    bonne journée

  5. Beautiful photos Sarah! I love the shot of the brocciflower, gorgeous colors!

  6. Renata - it looked alien!
    Sage - I miss my uncle. We always had fresh pickerel.
    June - I was often amused to see Canadian pickerel on menus in the States.

  7. Firmere - merci beaucoup
    Andrea - thanks. I have to get cracking with improving my pictures so am practicing.

  8. Brocciflower sounds about right to me. I use a lot of frozen fish, too, because fresh fish is so hard to get here. The only fresh fish monger is a good half hour drive away, in a city location with nothing but on street parallel parking - often blocks away! Treated well, frozen fish is just fine.

  9. Brocciflower!! I would love to try that out!! Salmon sounds really good right now. Thanks for reminding me haha.

  10. I agree with you on good frozen fish! Great looking dish!


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