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Truffle Pigs Cafe in Field, BC

Truffle Pigs Cafe was established in 1997 and I can remember the time. It was a go-to spot when driving through the Rockies on the Trans Canada Highway. We would even drive more than an hour from Calgary to enjoy the food. I ate there soon after it opened and it was wonderful. Last week I was once again making that journey and I delayed lunch until I could once  again dine at Truffle Pigs.

The ownership changed about 5 years ago but that does not seem to have affected the quality of the food. Apparently the new owner previously owned the little food spot across the street. Somehow it is a relief when someone who really knows the clientele and locale buys a restaurant. There is no 'break in' time required. They can step right into place.

This is taken from their website and describes the joie de vivre of this place. "Take a Toronto ex-pat and a northern Ontario gal, one a former anthropologist and the other a gourmet coffee pioneer. Mix with uncanny palate-pleasing propensity, hand-made pastries, and a knack for presentation. Crack a beer or pop a bottle. Add two drops of passion and a dash of dedicated staff. Surround with a quirky small-town cast at a Rocky Mountain lodge in Yoho National Park. Shake vigorously. Take a swing at the gong."

As they say on television, "You Gotta Eat Here".
I love all the flying pigs!

I must remember this lodge as I make my journey through the mountains.

There is a lovely patio.
This salad was absolutely delicious but so much larger than I was expecting. It was a meal!
Wild Mushroom Cream Soup with Rustic Bread

Tourist and Information Centre

Can you imagine living here? I can. And I would love it.

Just another scenic location in a village with only scenic locations.


  1. It is so beautiful there. What views! I think everything would taste better there!

  2. It has been far too long since I travelled the Trans Canada Hwy to Calgary. Since it wa 1986 when I moved from Calgary they were not on the map...yet.

  3. Sarah,

    I have only been through Calgary once on the way to an all-to-brief conference in Banff. It is certainly on our travel bucket list to return and not have to "work" for the full 3 days in a conference hall giving and attending boring academic presentations and missing the gorgeous beauty outside! I hope we are fortunate enough to return again! Lovely photos and that salad looks incredible!



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