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An Agricultural Journey was my vacation this year

A few weeks ago I motored from my home in southwestern Saskatchewan to the Okanagan Valley to attend the Slow Food Canada conference. The journey took me through some new and some familiar countrysides. This is a pictoral documentation of my agricultural journey. There were so many more points of interest. I was going to call my Alberta segment 'bison, boar and beans' but I have no pictures. Stopping every half hour becomes inconvenient. In Alberta I only have sugar beets and the wind farm. Each picture has a caption to describe.

Above is a field dedicated to sugar beets. These huge machines harvest the beets.
An irrigation canal south of Medicine Hat close to Taber

Irrigation apparatus near Taber, Alberta.

A wind farm in southern Alberta near Pincher Creek.

Nectarine blossoms near Osoyoos, BC
Nectarine trees near Osoyoos, BC
Mr. Harker of Harker Organics explaining the king flower concept of producing the best fruit.
The Harker Family with the 100 year old apple tree planted by the first Harkers.
Farmers' Market vendor. I bought his chipotle peppers. They smell sooo goood.
Vineyard at Summerhill Wines in Kelowna, BC

Green house made from old irrigation pipes, bent and covered with plastic at Covert Farms, Oliver, BC

Beautiful vineyard outside Oliver, BC overlooking Okanagan Lake at Covert Farms.
In the valley north of Cache Creek is this ginseng farm. They are a major world producer.


  1. Oh how I miss the prairies and BC...thank you for the pictures. I recognize so many of the towns and cities!

  2. Wow, did you ever cover a lot of land. What a great trip.

    I was also reading your previous post about the Truffle Pig restaurant and wished I'd known about it when I was in Field about 3 years ago. We hiked to see the Burgess Shale and had such a great time. I'm sure we would have made time for a great restaurant too - next time!

  3. You must have enjoyed it all immensely.Good for you..


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