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Litlte Horse Lodge at Green Lake, BC

Highway 97 follows the Old Cariboo Gold Rush Trail in British Columbia. The gold rush of 1862 - 1865 brought a steady stream of men and families hoping to find their fortune. This part of the country is steeped in lore and memorabilia of those days.

Now there are dude ranches, health spas and fishing lakes for the new generation of seekers. Some are seeking their fortune, others are seeking a slower pace of life in this area of wilderness. My father moved here about 25 years ago and at age 87 still enjoys puttering around with his tools and antique cars. He is also still a member of the volunteer fire department at Green Lake. I find it amazing that much of our rural areas in Canada are protected by volunteer fire fighters.

Many Friday's during the winter the group will meet at Little Horse Lodge for lunch. Take a turn off the highway at 70 Mile House and follow the signs to Green Lake. I should have taken a picture of everyone's meal because they were beautiful in their rustic and huge servings. Above is a Club House sandwich with a hearty bowl of bean and beef soup. Paul was unable to finish his sandwich and like me, he packed half of it home for a snack later. Below is my Beef Dip au Jus with French Fries. The quality of the food has come and gone over the years but they are definitely on a roll with some good grub now.

Highway 97 has stops at many of the Gold Rush era spots and stunning wilderness beauty. It connects with the Alaska Highway 97 from where it gets its name. Although the new highway has little resemblance to the old trail it is still a destination route for the adventurous.

Picture courtesy of Little Horse Lodge


  1. There are many small towns that have amazing restaurants all across the country that serve fresh ingredients with home cooking. Those fries look good:D After all of the "roux-froux" meals of the week I think I would enjoy a nice hamburger or BLT.

  2. I have never been to that neck of the woods... it looks like a gas.


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