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Kelowna Farmers' Market - Make It, Bake It or Grow It

 This is another Farmers' Market and this one is in Kelowna. The season is still early so there are very few produce items. This was an activity from the Food and Wine Writers' Workshop that I was attending. I have still not arrived at home. Look forward to several posts of the amazing meals we had at both conferences.


  1. Looks great Sarah... your season is starting!

  2. This looks likes great market to visit. I was going to whine that our local market hadn't started yet and then I read on their website that it actually started this week. Now I am sad for having missed it! ARGH

  3. I will love seeing all the market photos:-)
    Love the mulch..manure bag:-)
    And the beeswax!

  4. The market in the height of the season is a sight to behold in every town and city across the country. It will be interesting once they have a permanent space across the street.


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