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Buffalo Mozzarella, true genius

I know that this salad is old hat to most of you but I still feel my shoulders drop, the outside world disappear and life stand still with my first bite. Buffalo mozzarella is quintessential Italy and Italy is slow and delicious and delicious leads me right back to buffalo mozzarella. The surprise is that this cheese was made in Canada. It is so delicious and fresh.

My fancy dancy kitchen oven has been gracing me with 50 loaves of bread every week all summer long that I sell at the Farmers' Market. Well, poor thing, just got up and died. Of course Kitchenaid cannot make anything simple for the repairman that has seen everything, except a Kitchenaid steam assist oven. Days, weeks and, I can hardly breathe when I say it, but months are passing as we try to get this machine back to work.

At the moment the entire back side is ripped apart, gas disconnected, electricity disconnected yet it has been graciously pushed back into place awaiting the correct oven element. Yes, I did say correct. Kitchenaid apparently has a difficult time reading its own manuals and sent me one that is far too large! So I sit without a pot to cook in. Perhaps it is destiny. I am ready to start my spring diet of salads and smoothies but somehow when it is forced upon me it isn't quite so exciting.

Caprese Salad

buffalo mozzarella
fresh basil
sea salt
balsamic reduction

Thickly slice tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. Chiffonade the basil. Arrange tomatoes on a plate and season with sea salt. Top with slices of buffalo mozzarella and drizzle with balsamic reduction. Serve.


  1. When you add balsamic vinegar and some buffalo mozzarella it makes it seem extraordinary.

  2. Poor you. Hope that KA kicks in again..full steam ahead.
    Love that salad.

  3. I feel your oven pain. My oven had a hissy fit when only 3 years old. I had a Chambers from the 40's that never needed a thing (I had it's pipes checked when we bought the house–– clean bill of health). I think it is so wrong that big ticket items now have short shelf lives. You are meant to go get a new one.
    Good you have a positive attitude and made yourself a fine meal. What will you do when you have to start the bread business??? BOO!

  4. Oh you poor thing! Well think of all the salad you're going to enjoy!


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