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Workshop in Kelowna, BC gave us a lot of fodder for our blogs! This coffee shop is an amazing example of people who care about their customers, their city and the earth. They won the  Award for the Most Environmentally Innovative Business in 2012.

They accomplished this with an entirely new way to deal with the smoke produced while roasting beans without using electricity. It was a creation of John's through repurposing an old fuel tank. Brilliant. And the sludge remaining fertilizes their flower beds.

John Anderson and Deb Synnot are the masterminds of this business. John handles the coffee and Deb, the bakery. Everything is from scratch with the best quality ingredients.

Each drink is made by hand, one at a time. All of their equipment is calibrated to world barista championship standards. All baristas are required to compete in house to win a chance to attend international barista championships.

John's tips on buying and storing coffee are simple. Buy only what you will use in 8 - 10 days. Grind fresh for every cup or pot of coffee. Store in an airtight container at room temperature. That's it!

If your finished coffee does not taste good the three main reasons may be the grind, under dosing (ie not enough grounds) or your equipment. Heat extracts flavour better than cold but leave your hot coffee to sit for a minute and let it cool so you can taste the flavours.

There is so much more to learn. The blends, the matching with foods and the roasting give us so much more knowledge to enjoy and serve great coffee.
Customer service is front and centre.
Roasting beans

One very interested member of our group. She had the only seat in the place.
Rice pudding breakfast

Beautiful artisan cappucino


  1. I am not a coffee drinker so this gem here in Kelowna was not on my radar. Roasting their own beans, their commitment to the environment and their rice pudding bring their shop to the forefront. In fact this morning I am going to make a version of their basmati rice for breakfast.

  2. Love those designs in coffee, but sadly, don't drink it. Never liked it, but I admit I love the smell and love using the flavor while cooking.
    Super idea...rice pudding for breakfast!


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