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Lilac Sugar

Lilacs are in bloom for such a short period of time and I simply adore them. I have cut them to bring into the house. But did you know they are an edible flower? I could make lilac jelly or simple syrup to make a lilac lemonade. But my kitchen time is limited at the moment and I have chosen to simply make lilac sugar. The bouquet of the lilacs will be absorbed by the sugar and this can be used with sugar cookies or other desserts.

Pull the blossoms from all the green parts and discard green parts. Wash and dry. I used my lettuce spin dryer and then laid them out on a pan for a couple of hours. Toss with sugar and put in a jar with a tight lid. I will let this sit for about a month.

UPDATE: I didn't have the patience to wait until the washed blossoms were completely dry so now I have very crystalline sugar. I am going to keep it (why not?) and whiz it in the blender. Now I have unwashed lilac blossoms pulled from the green parts in a jar of sugar. Only one bug so far!

Then let your imagination run wild. Floral scented sugar has so many interesting applications. Think about tea!


  1. Sounds delicious Sarah! I have never thought of doing that with our lilacs! Have a lovely weekend! Angie xo

  2. I read somewhere just recently that lilacs were edible. They are now gone, but perhaps I will remember for next year.

  3. I tried to comment yesterday and couldn't.... love the sugar. WIsh my lilacs weren't already gone or I would try it... next year!!! They look beautiful.

  4. They look too pretty to eat - if that is at all possible. LOL

  5. I did NOT know this! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Great timing--they are in bloom right now and Im going to give this a whirl this weekend. Thanks for the tip.


  7. And even if it weren't great smelling, the lilac blooms are so pretty with the sugar on them! I'll bet it is wonderful in tea.

  8. Lilac sugar is almost looks like art...This hot climate I live in, would ail the lilac before it even got started (sigh).
    It is beautiful way to enjoy sugar.


    P.S. I have a spam problem that I am having to deal with-I have to check blog everyday for anonymous "weird" comments


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