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Update on the Renovation

It is going so well!  I am so lucky.

But it was so funny.  I  had my new bathtub installed but not yet fully plumbed in.  These shut offs were all I had.  Miss Sugar went exploring and low and behold, she walked under these levers and pushed them up.  I had water pouring into my basement!  It was wild.

Now the demolition is complete.  The electricians and plumbers have been here.  Today drywall was delivered and the drywaller will be here on Monday.  I will have it all put back together so soon.

Then it is my turn.  I am the painter!  It is a tad daunting but I am determined.

I think this project is going as well as any project can.  And to think that I didn't even have a contractor on November 10.  Mind and will are more powerful that I ever dreamed.


  1. I am so happy, well not about the flood of course... at this rate you will be finished in no time!

  2. It's looking good. The hardest part is over in my opinion as once the drywall goes up you can start to see things take shape. What a naughty kitty to cause a flood like that.

  3. Good luck..It's coming along..I bet it will be great!

  4. It is starting to look good. I hope the water did not cause too much damage. Diane

  5. Well, looks like we're having you back at the DK very soon! Thanks for your lovely comment on my Crostata!

  6. Is Miss Sugar a Birman cat? Former neighbours had one and Jessie would check out everything, hoping it would be to her advantage. Too bad for her humans (and her human neigbour)if it wasn't.

    My daft darling Zebby Cat is a "mixed breed domestic short hair" with a brown mackeral tabby coat and some burmese in his ancestry. Zeb has the super affectionate burmese nature and the solid burmese build - with his own "mixed breed" additonal, generous layer of blubber.

    So exciting to see your lovely home edging ever closer to being redeveloped - leaving you to add your very own redorated style.

    Sending care and huggles, Michelle and Zebby Cat (with respectful happy wishes to Miss Sugar), xxx and purrrumbles

  7. Miss Sugar didn't mean to turn on the water! Really! She's a cat! But you are making nice progress; hope it's all ready before Christmas.

  8. It's going quickly, and I'm enjoying watching the progress! Can't wait to see the next update.

  9. Congrats on the progess. Any heartache will be well worth it, I'm sure.

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