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Moving Right Along

My last renovation was the same as this one.  I could not sleep for 2 days after the cost became real to me.  All of my penny pinching with the work I was doing myself just goes right out the window.   Drywallers here for 4 days....  Electricians here for 3 days.......  Plumbers here for two days (plus one hour)..........And a partridge in a pear tree!

In my last post, these walls were just studs.  Voilà!  See the gas hook-up for my new stove?

 My ugly old stippled ceilings (that I was unsuccessfully scraping) have been re-drywalled.  Now they will be smooth.

In an attempt to distract myself, I am also taking an online photography class.  It is quite a basic class, thank heaven.  It is all I can handle right now.  This was my assignment using different focal lengths.  I used 28mm and 100mm.  I usually just guess at all of my settings and don't actually plan things.  This will be a good exercise.  See how that lamp post moves closer to the subject?  Neat!


  1. Sarah, it is looking real, isn't it??? After this.. the rest will just fly in, right???!?!?!? FIngers crossed!

  2. Good progress, Sarah! I remember cringing at the cost when I did my remodel. Wish I could have a gas stove...perhaps the next house?

  3. It is coming along! You are going to be so happy when you step into the finished kitchen....I can see the smile you will have!

  4. Remodelling is never an easy task, but you will so happy with the end result. I should trake an on-line photography class:D

  5. At least you've found something to distract yourself from the headache and expense of the renovations! I know you'll enjoy it, and so will Miss Sugar, after she has her house back to herself.

  6. Remodeling is always stressful. Kick-back relax, you have already made the decision. Enjoy. It's all good to look fabulous.

  7. Remodeling is not fun, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

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