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Prayers Work... Ask Me!

Dumpster now full!
This is me living in my basement with all of my furniture!  I have been waiting for a contractor since I bought my house in April.  In this small prairie city life revolves with the seasons.  "Making Hay While the Sun Shines" is a mantra.

New bathtub and closet opened to the bathroom.

Trying to pin down someone to do an inside renovation during the warm season is next to impossible.  So I patiently wait.  My first choice carpenter was non-committal.  But I am a woman on a mission.  I want this kitchen/house renovation completed so I can get on with my life as I want it.

So I went searching and found a nice young man who would come in November.  In all fairness, he did call me in November and I was so excited.  He thought he could do it but in the end...he couldn't.  He took a full time job and would only be able to do my work on weekends.  My job is not a little one.

These are two colours I am considering

Then he recommended a former employer who is a builder.  I cannot believe my luck.  This (also) young man builds houses and knows his stuff.  He has a full slate of work but has no inside jobs.  He agreed to take me on.  I was his only inside job.  The only time he could start my job was if the weather turned cold.  He was so busy.

I don't wish any ill will on anyone but I prayed for cold weather.  Well, it came.  And it came with a vengeance.  I now have their undivided attention until the job is almost complete.  I am so thankful.  And the true bonus is that they are so competent.  I am also lucky.

My basement kitchen.  Check out the wiring!
Don't you love my Italian headboard! 
A beautiful sight!
And what does Miss Sugar have to say about all this.....
What felt so hopeless only a week ago has become totally possible.  I have learned never to give up on hope and the power of will.  Temper that with acceptance and life works...beautifully.


  1. Wonderful! You have such great patience! I would have high blood pressure dealing with the basement for months!
    I am so happy that things are rolling for you....

  2. Pam> double 'Yay'

    Kate> I don't know if I call this patience. And I probably have high blood pressure. But they can only do what they can do. I think I might call it acceptance. But my nights have been almost sleepless! Now I have to accept that my bank account will be going down and that is also stressful!

  3. I hope the weather stays cold for you so they keep up the good work :-) Diane

  4. Hard to tell about the paint... normally don't go for taupes unless they have a lot of green in them (benj moore makes a great one) because they make wood look muddy... the other is lovely... on my computer it looks aquamariney. great they are pushing through to get your kitchen done... probably the first time you were thankful for an early Canadian winter.
    Keep those prayers coming!

  5. Diane> me, too.

    Deanna> it is so difficult to take a picture of colours. These are Benjamin Moore colours coincidentally. Yes, never have wished for cold weather like this!

    Nana> thanks!

  6. Looking great Sarah! Hooray for finding a competent contractor (and double hooray for the cold weather to get it done in!!) I love the paint choices - being a lover of everything blue I go with that one :) however the darker is also lovely, whichever you decided to go with will be beautiful I have no doubt!

  7. Here here for the cold! May it continue and may they continue to work on your house.

  8. Grace> their construction trailer is parked outside my house! I feel confident they will be back!

  9. Well, I am truly relieved to see that Miss Sugar has not been inconvenienced. Thor was concerned that she might be disturbed by the banging. He greatly dislikes loud noises, and is sure cats do, too.


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