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Teaching in Schools

I am receiving regular calls to be a substitute teacher.  I have had a 'repeat' client!  Yeah!  I have been to the local high school four times so I am becoming quite familiar with it.  That is nice.

Now I have had two more calls.  One is for a home economics teacher in junior high.  Right up my alley!

And then I received a call from another 'new to me' school for grade 8 social studies and math.

I am becoming much more confident and composed!  It has been so so long since I taught that it has taken a bit to let go of this stress.

To build my business I am giving food gifts.  Sometimes it will be my homemade preserves or my homemade spicy blue corn crackers.  Or, it is those heavenly haskap oatmeal squares.  I will have to devote an entire post on those.  I know you have no idea what a haskap is but it is divine.


  1. What a lovely idea, Sarah! Gifts of homemade food are rare and much appreciated.
    I hope your renovations move along at a fair pace!

  2. My subs don't leave me gifts!!!!

    I want you for a sub!

  3. What a sweetheart you are to leave a gift for the teacher. In all my years of teaching, I never had a sub leave me a gift! How fun.

  4. You are a woman of many talents - and bribery is apparently one of them ;) Great idea.

  5. Those bags are gorgeous, Sarah... how cool to give a thank you gift.. no wonder they are calling you over and over! I tried substitute teaching once to give back to the community upstate where I had a house... let's just say it was a bad fit. 4th year French students couldn't speak a word of French or understand "Breathless" even with subtitles. The best I got out of them was the girls thought Belmondo was hot. Never did it again.

    Happy Thanksgiving... here's hoping your kitchen is ready for Xmas!

  6. It makes me wish I was a teacher and could call you in. A wonderful idea.

  7. How very thoughtful of you to give gifts to the teachers for whom you substitute. I hope your occasional students love you as much as we do.

  8. Sarah!!! I hate missing your posts... I am so far behind reading about all of the things happening in your life! I have never had a supply teacher leave me a gift. If she just leaves me notes, actually tries to teach to my plans and cleans up the room, I am thrilled!!!! Usually, and sadly - often NONE of these three is done. I wish you lived here. You would be my champion and I would be leaving YOU gifts! That is what I do for my supply teachers to get them motivated to do the work!
    Don't get me wrong, we have great supply teachers here... but FAR FAR too few.
    And, my assignment is tough for so many 1/2 LA (3 classes, one each of 7, 8 and 9 )and 1/2 Foods (5 classes of all grades).
    Your renovations look like you are going to be living inside your own dream very soon!
    I would love you to get FEEDBURNER so I could subscribe and get your posts in my e-mail. I know, I am a nag!


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