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Salt Spring Island Market

Young beet greens.

Rainbow of beets

Summer squash


Beautiful carrots.

Myriad of mushrooms
I had a fabulous few days on Vancouver Island.  I was whisked away from the airport to the ferry immediately upon my arrival at 8:30am in to Victoria.  It is a relatively short, but lovely, ferry ride to Salt Spring Island and then an equally short and lovely drive to the market in the town of Ganges.

You enter a sort of time warp on the Gulf Islands.  Channel the 60's and 70's and you will be right in step.  I felt as though I was obsessed with taking pictures but in the end, there are so many I missed.

Like at a little outdoor cafe.  There it was on the chalkboard, Valdy, performing tomorrow night.  I am a flower child of the 70's and Valdy was big.  Really big.  Check out his tour here.  This must have been one night of his Mystery Tour.  Imagine, Valdy in such an intimate venue.  I am impressed.  He now lives on Salt Spring Island.  As does Robert Bateman and Randy Bachman.  Reportedly Barbra Streisand and Kevin Costner have homes there, also.

Enjoy the market.....

 Ulrieke Benner makes the most beautiful and artistic felted wool and silk scarves, shawls and jackets.  Wearable art, she says.  I agree!

Don't ya love it... Traffic Jam!

This was a market with young children participating with their baking and goods.  There were interesting places to buy lunch and snacks, artwork and such.  And entertainment.

Now if this isn't the oddest thing you have ever encountered!  This man had a diggeridoo and was somehow balancing your energy?  I don't know!


  1. That looks wonderful... I love markets.. they really give you an insight into the local culture and cuisine... great pics too Sarah

  2. Yum! Now I'm hungry looking at all those fresh vegetables! I keep hearing wonderful things about Salt Spring Island...I would love to visit one day! Thanks for sharing all your lovely pictures Sarah! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. I have never seen water cress with a leaf that shape! Diane

  4. How exciting, Sarah! I'd love to be there!

  5. I would have gotten balanced:)

    Great shots..i love markets!

  6. Visiting different markets is such a wonderful and fun thing to do. Looks like this was a good one! That 'Traffic Jam' is such a cute name.
    xo Catherine


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