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Ladybug Crazy

Ladybugs always make me think of Dorothy.  We worked together for a few years and I was always so awed by the fact that she was a Master Gardener.... something I will never be.  Whether this is truth or lore, I remember one year she bought a thousand ladybugs to introduce to her garden.  Well, they had other plans and moved on!  I can only imagine how a Master Gardener would feel when her ladybugs chose a new home.

I have never seen so many ladybugs...ever!  Hundreds examining all the blades of grass in my back  yard.  I dried my bed linens on the line and the ladies came in with my sheets!  They are everywhere.  I love them.


  1. Very cool! Ladybugs are special.

  2. I love ladybugs....and like you, foreign supermarket finds make for a delightful pantry.

  3. Wonder where they have all suddenly come from. We have the one or two around but that is all. Diane

  4. A couple of years back we pulled back some leaves around the foundation and discovered a bunch of lady bugs (100+) that had overwintered together and were just waking up and blundering about. Perhaps they are gathering to locate a good spot in your yard to overwinter? I keep hoping to see some and have put on a huge spread of aphids to tempt them... .

  5. Me too. The thing is, when you buy ladybugs, well the first thing they do is leave... that is their way. So maybe you are benefiting from someone elses delivery.

    My lady bugs used to winter in my laundry room... dozens of them... they never went anywhere else. They must have eaten dustmites... dunno what else they would have eaten... except spiders... they also loved the laundry room. In the spring, I would open the door to the laundry room (brilliantly put on the second floor) and they would leave .
    Why we like some bugs and not others, well, I'll never know!

  6. I like your new look! Lady bugs are the only bugs I do like. They're pretty.


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