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I Love My Name

I am so lucky to have some terms of reference for my names.  Sarah, in the picture above, is my namesake.  Her Mom and I went to university together.  I have known her since her birth and had the pleasure to be her 'Mom away from Mom' when she went off to school in the big city.

As you can see, we have plenty in common!  We love to cook and we love food.  This was American Thanksgiving in Atlanta.  She has been living there for a few years and I was housesitting in Tennessee.  So it didn't take any coaxing for me to drive into town for a visit.

This is Elsie!  Mrs. Schick, as I would call her.  Can you believe that this beautiful woman is 93 years old.  I can't.

She was a farm neighbour when I grew up in Saskatchewan.  At my aunt's 80th birthday she told me a story.  She said that she was sitting in the truck, with my mother, waiting for the men.  My mother said to her, "If this baby is a girl, she will be named Elsie".

And so it was.  Elsie is my middle name.  It only took me until I was 57 years old to know where that name came from.

How blessed I am.  I have a beautiful young woman with my name and I have a name from a beautiful and wise grandmother.


  1. What a moving story! To think that you had no idea where your middle name came from and now you do know and it is a lovely story.

  2. In our family, names are very special as well. I was named after my great grandmother. (Her first name was Sarah, by the way, but I didn't get that one!) I named my children after relatives who were very special to my husband or me. It's so nice to know how your own special name was chosen!

  3. What lovely stories. I'm glad my husband insisted that our children's names have personal connections and mean something, not just sound pretty (the names that I use on the blog are pseudomons by the way).


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