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Checkup on the Gardens

I have not seen many posts with updates on the gardens!  I would love to check in and see how it is going.

As for me, I have a first year garden so nothing is spectacular.  I have some strawberries.

I am growing borage and hope it blooms soon!  I hear that borage flowers are wonderful in ice cubes.

My roma tomatoes are doing quite well.  There are probably not enough for my glutinous wants but should give me some nice fried green tomatoes.

The nasturtiums are like a burning fire.  They are amazing producers.

My sage is just okay.

And this is what cilantro looks like when it has gone to seed!  Still pretty enough to keep.


  1. Your summer garden looks delightful The roma tomatoes look really good.

  2. You have strawberries now? Lucky! Ours are long gone. So hot and dry here. I've never grown borage- how do you use it? (other than in ice cubes)

  3. And now that the cilantro has gone to seed, you'll be swimming in it next year! But it is pretty.

  4. My nasturtiums are pathetic. They must not like this heat at all.

  5. Velva> it is small and not nearly as mature as I would like for this time of year.

    henfruit> yes we have strawberries up north! Borage is supposed to be a good companion for tomatoes, strawberries and squash because it attracts bees for pollination. I have never used it so just learning. Leaves taste like cucumber and are edible. It is an herb. So soups, stews. The flowers are supposedly a traditional garnish for gin-based drinks.

    Marjie> oooh, are they self-seeders?

    Pam> I think they like a lot of water, too.

  6. You have nice crops :) Thanks for sharing.

  7. Cilantro flowers are delicious!!! And I love borage flowers in so many things.. that cucumber flavor is as delicate as could be... so far your garden grows nicely, Miss Sarah!!!

  8. Your garden looks great. Something ate my basil all up!!

  9. Elin> thanks :)

    Deana> I will have to use my cilantro flowers. I love the sound of Miss Sarah! Makes me remember the wonderful time I had in the South.

    Kate> fresh basil seems to be really expensive around here. I wonder if it is eaten up, too. Mine didn't even sprout.

  10. Hi, Sarah!
    Glad to hear that all is well with you -- I do get the odd update from S & J here so know about your new life on the prairies. What an adventure!
    I pretty much spend all of my time in my garden - my dream life. Of course, quite a lot easier to garden on the coast than on the prairies. So a few tips from my experience: borage will take over, sage prefers it on the dry side (add sand/gravel for better drainage, lots of sun), basil, even out here, is best grown in pots, inside somewhere, helps with pest control too,

  11. Dorothy> So nice to hear from you! You are one lucky gal to live in your garden! I am envious. I moved to the desert and this year has been nothing but rain! Too much rain. So things are behind. I think I got lucky with my basil in Calgary. It flourished. Thx for the tips.

  12. Sarah, My gardens are not doing the greatest this year. Late start with lots of rain and hail damage on more than one occasion. On a good note I'm having a good tomato year, and the new sod is doing wonderful. No brown grass yet!

    I'm sure your gardens will be up to your usual standards by next year!

  13. Hi Sarah, straw berries are so nice. Nice garden. I am from india. In my garden now nice egg palnts(brinjals) are comming.Good luck.


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