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Windscape Kite Festival

Swift Current has a destination kite festival every year in June.  Kite flyers come from all over U.S. and Canada to participate in many categories.  There are dances to classical music, multiple stringed kites, groups who do synchronized flying, novelty kites and then just every day fliers.  Many of these performers have participated in festivals all over the world, including Germany, France, Belgium, Israel, Africa, India, Thailand and China.

There is a Kite Store and a children's tent.  There are kite workshops and even a kite hospital.  The Long Day's Night Music Festival complements the kite festival with good entertainment for three evenings.

And the best is absolutely free!  Check it out at


  1. These kites are amazing, quite unlike anything I ever flew as a child:D

  2. I think kite flying has a poetic aspect that is enchanting.

  3. My kids would love something like this!! Looks amazing:)

  4. Well, it looks like it was a fine change of pace!

  5. Nice photos of the kite fest Sarah!

  6. Thanks, Marlene. It is the weirdest sky, isn't it. Almost like B&W pics but it is colour.

    Marjie> yeah!!!

    Holly> totally a kid of all ages.

    Joumana> I agree.

    Valli> I had a simple paper kite, once.

  7. Beautiful - we too have a kits festival here in September and we've been going for the last couple of years. Love the last photo


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