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Winter Again

We were spoiled for a couple of weeks there with weather just around freezing.  It was beautiful.  But old man winter has returned with a vengeance and today it is -16C.  Since I am not cooking at the moment, I thought I would share this list for a winter driving kit.  It is a huge list but considering where you might be driving, most of these items would be useful, if not necessary.

AMA Winter Driving Kit
▶   shovel
▶   tow cable
▶   traction aids
▶   jumper cables
▶   window ice scraper
▶   antifreeze
▶   firewood (kindling and starter)
▶   snacks
▶   distress sign
▶   cell phone
▶   flares
▶   flashlight and batteries
▶   first aid kit
▶   survival candle
▶   matches
▶   blankets
▶   extra footwear
▶   hat and mitts

I have a long way to go to complete my kit but it will be my summer project this year to collect as many of these things together as I can.  Safe driving!

Canadian trivia - this building is a hockey rink  with an attached curling rink in a village.  It is no longer in use because the costs to maintain it are too high.  This is a common sight in villages and small towns on the prairies.


  1. Beautiful photos but oh soooooo cold. I do not envy you one little bit. Keep warm. Diane

  2. Cold, cold, cold....but oh so beautiful!

  3. les photos sont superbes j'adore la neige
    bonne soirée

  4. I don't have the firewood in my trunk, but I have almost everything else! I didn't know there was an actual list; I'm just going on common sense.

    Love your pictures, as always.

  5. Marjie> I should have given a prize for this! You are amazing. I should have known!

  6. Stunning landscape! Since I come from a tropical country and never see snow, I'm always amazed at this white scenery, despite all the hassle of this severe weather! Beautiful shots!

  7. Yes winter is back with a vengeance. When do you estimate you'll be back in your kitchen?

  8. Valli> oh, it has been a bit of a roller coaster. The contractor thought I had a slide-in range and built the countertop for that. Then he realized I have a free standing. It was touch and go if he could adapt the countertop. If not, it would take 3 weeks to get more laminate. But all is well. I have scheduled to have appliances delivered on Feb 7 and to move my furniture up to the main floor at the same time. Then I have to get plumbers and electicians back in to connect everything. And I have to get tile in bathroom and kitchen. I have no idea how long it takes to do that. Can't shower upstairs until then. I think it will be at minimum 3 weeks still. Perhaps longer. I can hardly wait until I can put my things into the new kitchen! It will be so exciting to organize everything.

  9. Winter landscapes are so beautiful. I love the old ice rink barn shot, its is quintessential Canadian countryside. You live in gorgeous country!

  10. So THAT'S where all the snow is! LOL

  11. This really is great news that your kitchen is moving forward and the counter problem was solvable... wow a new kitchen done exactly the way you want it... that would be awesome. I can't wait to see. That list for your travels... scary... but gosh with that cold you could be in such trouble!! Although we have tons of snow (and my St Bernard is in snow heaven), it's not that cold... 16 below... that's cold.

  12. Andrea> quintessential yes!
    EmptyNester> LOL, yes it is here!
    Deana> yes, that is cold. Brrrr.

  13. -16 below? Makes ya long for Hawaii. Burr. New York has had 56 inches of snow and we are not done yet.
    Your list reminds me of my Girl Scout camping list.
    I'm so glad the kitchen is coming along. It's always stressful and difficult and when you are ready to give up, it comes together beautifully.
    What a shame that villages can no longer maintain the local rink.
    Keep warm.

  14. I froze just looking at these photos! Hope I never have to experience cold like this.

  15. Those are temperatures I pray never to feel!!!!!!!!!! It is beautiful though. Enjoy your weekend

  16. HAPPY HEART DAY TO YOU, dear Sarah!


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