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Drive in the Country #7

I have one more light fixture sitting at my sister's house in Regina.  And I need to apply for a new passport.  So after waiting for good weather, I decided to set out this weekend for a quick trip to the Queen City.

No trip into Regina is complete without a drive down Albert Street.  I love the bridge.  I have always love the wonderful hand crafted spindles.  And then to see the Parliament Building is always emotional for me.  I cannot visit without driving past.

We had a great home dinner.  Smoked pork chops, stuffed pork tenderloin, whipped potatoes camouflaging carrots and an Oreo cake.  It was a great family dinner with my sister, her husband, step daughter, son and daugher-in-law, and grand son.

After a rather quick interview at the passport office and an even faster visit to Fanny's Fabrics looking for drapery fabric, Pete and I had Tim's breakfast.

The drive back to Swift Current was more true winter driving.  The roads were slick and vehicles in the ditch along the way.  Even though my eyes were on the road, it was lovely to see the winter landscape.

I love the yellows of harvested grain fields covered in snow.  I love the blues and whites in the sky.  There are pinks in the sky at all times of the day.  Sometimes there is bright sunlight and other times it is dull.  The wind blown snow forms beautiful waves along the highway that seem like a surfers paradise.  The folds of snow reveal all shades of white and blue.  It is truly amazing.

Today I was fortunate to see some wild life.  The one lone coyote was in a field.  It made me wonder how he will find tonights supper.  And on the other side of the road were some deer grazing in the snow covered field.


  1. Looks like a wonderful visit.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Where are those amazing spindles?? Love the colors and shapes together. I will be honest with you though Sarah, I don't have a clue where Regina is! Better Googlemap it!

  3. Love those spindles on the bridge. I agree that the snow drifts can be amazing and I bet they are even better on the prairies with all the wind you get.

  4. Love reading your post; great photos and that stuffed posrk tenderloing just had to be good!Haven't made that is quite a while.

  5. Winter time drives, hazardous that they may be, are some of the most lovely. Sounds like you had a great time with your family, how wonderful!

  6. De belles photos et de beaux paysages.
    Le coyote est tout simplement magnifique.
    Pour la pâte de fruits, tu ne peux utiliser de la gélatine car ça ne donne pas du tout le même résultat.
    Essaye de voir si tu peux trouver de la pectine suer internet ou dans une pharmacie.
    Sinon, peux-tu avoir du sucre spécial confiture.
    Mais la cuisson sera plus longue.
    See soon.

  7. Fun trip! The coyote is a beautiful animal.

  8. What a great day! What a great meal too! The coyote is stunning. There is not much of an opportunity to see them very often in the wild. Very cool.
    Glad you made it safely back home.

    Stay warm.

  9. I smiled at quick interview at the passport office, unlike my experience in Berlin but...I'll think only of happy memories. I love the name Regina, lovely city. The coyote is gorgeous.......Glad you got home safely

  10. There was a bridge on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut with similar spindles, just not colored. I always loved it. Actually, every bridge on that little highway was different. Isn't it remarkable the details we notice, remember and love? It looks like you had a wonderful trip.

  11. I loved this post! I live in Ontario (don't hold it against me) and have never been to Saskatchewan. I'd love to visit someday, but in the meantime I have your lovely photos to admire.


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