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There is More to Canadian Cooking than Maple Sugar

I am the lucky recipient of a food basket of Floridian food that will be arriving any day.    Part of the requirements in receiving this gift is to provide a draw of my home country’s foods.  This is the impetus for my curiosity.

This is a nice Quebec cheese with the Apple Quintessence for dipping.

Tonight I made a simple dinner of Arctic char, wild rice and mashed turnips with butter.  You can’t get any more Canadian than that!  I also bought a few interesting ingredients – Cedar jelly and an apple reduction similar to a very good balsamic glaze.  All are Canadian.  So, you can look forward to some of these wonderful Canadian ingredients as I plan my contest.  I am waiting for one special item and when that arrives, I can post the prize package.

Here are some more pictures of my little hamlet in Saskatchewan.  A hamlet is smaller than a village!  These are some street signs.


  1. I am fascinated by the cedar jelly, Sarah. How does it taste/smell??? I always used a little jelly on my salmon when I cook it!!! I bet your dinner was perfect!

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  3. "Fat Boy Blvd." is just too funny for words! I'm surprised the "politically correct police" haven't had that name changed yet.

  4. lostpastremembered - I put a glaze on my Arctic char last night and it had a very evergreen flavour. I don't know how else to describe it. So I wouldn't use a lot because it is very flavourful.

    Gloria - thanks! I'll be posting that soon.

    Marjie - the Fat Boy Blvd is just my friends' own personal joke. Very few cars go past because they are at the end of the street.

  5. une très bonne recette riche et savoureuse comme j'en raffole
    bonne soirée

  6. Une autre manière de préparer ce poisson que je n'ai pas encore testé.
    Ca me plait beaucoup mais certains produits sont trop canadiens pour les trouver facilement.
    A bientôt Sarah.

  7. Cedar jelly sounds interesting. And I love the road signs. What if Fat Boy loses weight, will they change the road sign?

  8. Thanks for the info on Canadian food!! I must try out this dish! I just started liking non-fried fish, and I've always fancied wild rice.

    I love the photos of your hamlet and the street signs. So cute!

  9. I can't wait to see the bounty of Canadian delights! I'm thinking of doing a similar giveaway on my blog too. Contests are so fun! :)

  10. Sarah, what great delights from Canada! The jelly and the wild rice...Nice.
    Love teh street signs-darn it's cold!!! I love the sound of saying that I am staying in a hamlet( smaller than a village)

    You should be receiving your package anyday.

    btw, thank you for reading my guest post and commenting. Much appreciated.

  11. GREAT post!!! I truly appreciate seeing some real home inspired flavours and inspiration!

  12. What a cute post..Are you happy to be home?


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