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It must be the Olympics & Rainbow Trout baked in the oven....

Garbage pick-up day in this lazy little hamlet was Saturday and then they changed it to Thursday just last week.  Well, I didn’t realize this until I was sitting at a desk in the post office using internet.  “It is today”, said the postmistress.

I was late and didn’t bother.  But today I caught glimpse of a half ton truck picking up garbage and thought I may as well put mine out.  Where else would they pick up your garbage a day late but in a little prairie village.  Life is good.

It must be the Olympics that make me so sappy about my country right now.  As I sit here tonight watching the opening ceremonies tears trace down my cheeks.  Even with the costume malfunction, they did an amazing job in Vancouver.  Welcome, everyone!

Valentines Day, step aside.  Love will still be here tomorrow.  Here is a tribute to Canada through a nice dinner tonight.

I shopped at Flavours of the World when I was in Calgary.  Chef Desnoyers has opened this nice little gourmet shop.

He gave me a little gift of an Asian inspired spice rub with wild crafted fennel pollen under the label Chef Bernard .  I had a nice little rainbow trout in the fridge.  I sliced a yellow onion to make a bed for the fish in a baking dish.  I rubbed the fish, inside and out, with the spice blend.  Then I stuffed the fish with sliced onions and lemons and placed sliced lemons on top, too.

I baked it at 475F for 15 minutes.

I served it with a wild rice pilaf and oven roasted acorn squash.  I brushed a little of my cedar jelly on the squash toward the end of the baking time.  It was a great meal!


Even though rainbow trout is a small fish, it is enough for two servings.  I will use my leftover fish in a pasta salad or in a sandwich with a bit of mayonnaise.


  1. I am really getting a buzz about this fennel pollen... that fish looks so simple and tasty... you really know how to take care of yourself, Sarah!

  2. These spices sound amazing Sarah. I think they did an amazing job at the Opening Ceremonies as well...not that I am not already a very produc Canadian. The trout reminds me of living in Calgary and fishing in some of the mountain lakes for Rainbow trout.

  3. One day..I'll make a whole fish..His spices are attractively packaged..I watched the opening also..well some of it~ The black scarves sad:( I missed Canada and the US..imagine.

  4. Une bien belle assiette.
    A bientôt.

  5. What a great way to celebrate the Olympics.How are we going to get anything done? I want to see it all. Good to hear I wasn't the only only one with tears;fantastic opening.


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