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Southern Favourites - Meat 'n 3's and Boiled Peanuts

There is a name down here for the kind of eatery that serves simple home cookin'.  They are called 'Meat n Threes'.  You choose the meat and 3 sides.  H&H in Macon, Georgia is the most famous, but it wasn't open when I was there.  So I went to S&S instead.   I didn't have time for the sit-down meal so I had takeout.  It was great but way too much food.  And way too many choices - ham, roast chicken, fried chicken, salisbury steak, whipped potatoes, cheese potatoes, baked squash, string beans, cracklin' cornbread, etc, etc.

Then there were the roadside stands with local stuff like boiled peanuts!  I tried them, but it was a waste of $5 for me!  Too salty, too gummy and too much of the shell flavour.

Peaches, vidalia onions, peach cider and pecans were all in season in Georgia.

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