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A Visit to the Saskatoon Farmers' Market

The family has been making these green wooden boxes for their display for two generations. I love them.

My weekend in Saskatoon has been very full. After picking up some bread flour and a little other shopping I met Penny for iced drinks at City Perk just north of downtown. Penny and I have been online pals since I attended the "Nourish the Senses" Slow Food Conference in Osoyoos back in April. Penny leads the Saskatoon convivium for Slow Food and it is nice to finally meet.

Thank you Penny, the same Penny but thought I would introduce you to her blog, at Wanderlust and Words for reminding about the farmers' market. Since I was in town for the barbecue judge certification program, I was so focused on that. However, my hotel was only 5 minutes away and I always enjoy a visit to this market.
I love this display of cabbages. It reminds me of when I was cycling in Viet Nam and saw their cabbages neatly arranged to fill the back of a truck up to about 5 ft high.

Farmers' market vendors take great pride and care in presentation and display.
This is Betty's seabuckthorn display. I really want more but it is perishable and I just have to wait for another time.
I finally met Betty Forbes from Northern Vigor Berries. I wrote about Betty and her seabuckthorn in the Western Producer. I bought a very large package of frozen berries from her last Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed them and trying new recipes. Wish I had a freezer in the trunk of my car! I tried her seabuckthorn gelato. It was fantastic. I came home with tea made from the smaller leaves of the trees. I had also found her products in Sask Made Marketplace on 8th Street near Louise Ave. It's a nice store and worth the stop. There was more product than I was expecting and a very nicely presented shop.
Yeah! Bread! Love it!

Today was the barbecue judge class but I will cover that in another post. There is lots to say and it is nothing like the market! Tomorrow I will again attend the Ribfest and BBQ competition to observe the judging process.

The weather has been absolutely perfect. The entire weekend has been the beautiful summer weather that I remember about Saskatchewan. It has been comfortably hot, complete sunshine and mild in the evening. Even with sunscreen I have picked up a little more tan.


  1. So nice!

    I made focaccia today:)

    Sarah..a young friend w/ her family drove out west:)

    And a young friend I saw today is from Manitoba..

    It was nice to chat w/ both about their memories..:)

    Love all the cabbage in back of the pick up!

  2. what a beautiful market. I wish you could have a solar freezer you could pop in the car! I am still dying to try buckthorns after all the amazing things I've read about it.

    I love the green bins they've made. Why don't more people do that????

  3. The farmers market is definitely my happy place This is beautiful.


  4. What a beautiful market! I love the presentation. Glad you are having a lovely time with such beautiful weather!

  5. I love the Saskatoon downtown market--I've only been twice but both times have very much enjoyed myself.


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