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Virtual Supper Club - Pucker up with Lemons

I know this is only my second month with this group but I could hardly wait for February. Pucker Up for Valentines Day with these lemony treats. All these  recipes sound so enticing.


I have made Preserved Lemons before but this recipe had a twist by using saffron. The colour was so delightful. I have always used my preserved lemons in a tagine and wanted, again, to try something new and this salad really caught my eye.
Now check out the rest of the menu and enjoy!
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                    Sandi - Limoncello

Tomato Salad with Avocado and Preserved Lemons

Yield: 8 servings (serving size: 1/2 cup)
Cooking Light

    4 cups diced plum tomato (about 2 pounds)
    1 tablespoon minced preserved lemons
    2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 diced peeled avocado
    2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley

    Combine first 5 ingredients. Sprinkle with parsley.

I decided to present this salad in two different ways. The recipe suggest dicing the tomatoes and avocados and tossing with lemon juice.

I also decided to make it as a composed salad in the picture above. In both I used a nice coarse sea salt as garnish.

Preserved Lemons
Cooking Light

Preserved lemons are a classic Moroccan condiment.  I have used them in a tagine or Moroccan stew but a couple of sliced added to basmati rice would be divine. In this recipe saffron is added for an earthy flavor and a beautiful golden orange color. Pack in a wide-mouth glass pint container.

I made my preserved lemons two ways, also. In one jar I cut the lemons into quarters, almost but not quite through at the top so they are still in one piece. In the other jar, I sliced the lemons and stacked them to fill the jar. The sliced lemons are with salt only and no saffron. You can see the difference in colour.

Usually you only use the peel of the preserved lemon. If you use the flesh, be sure to adjust the salt in your recipe because these are preserved in salt.

    1 tablespoon kosher salt
Lemons 2 ways - whole with saffron and sliced with only salt.
    1/2 teaspoon saffron threads, crushed
    2 cups thinly sliced lemon (about 3 lemons)
    1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
    1 tablespoon olive oil

    Combine salt and saffron. Place one lemon slice in bottom of a wide-mouth 2-cup glass container. Sprinkle with a dash of salt mixture. Repeat layers with the remaining lemon slices and salt mixture. Cover and let stand at room temperature 3 days.
    After 3 days, press the lemon slices down with a spoon. Pour the juice and oil over lemon slices. Place a ramekin, custard cup, or clean decorative stone on top of lemon slices (to weigh them down). Cover and let stand at room temperature 5 days. Remove weight, and cover with lid of container.
    Note: Preserved lemons can be stored at room temperature for up to a month or refrigerated for up to 6 months.



  1. I love preserved lemons... have never ever thought to use them in a salad... what a great idea!!!

    1. I was looking for a new application. I have previously only used them in tagines.

  2. The addition of the saffron would give the preserved lemons such a lovely colour.This is such a sunny salad for these dreary winter days. Thanks for bringing it to the table.

    1. I think I will always make my preserved lemons with saffron now. I loved the colour and flavour.

  3. I knew there was a lemon theme going on:) Love the idea of the saffron.

  4. I am determined to try making preserved lemons this year! It is on my 'culinary bucket list'! Thanks for the inspiration! What a nice addition to the supper club's menu!

  5. What an absolutely beautiful salad Sarah! I've never preserved lemons before and it certainly sounds like I need to get on board with it! I read your sidebar 'about you' and just wanted you to know that my masters degree is in home economics education and i plan to fully use it when I retire from teaching marketing in the business college (my undergrad degree was in textiles and clothing retailing which morphed into my teaching marketing). not too many home economists left, sadly!

    1. Home economists seem to be a dying breed in this day when we really need so much help for families.

  6. I am definitely going to try this version of preserved lemons. And you salad is so pretty!

  7. I preserved lemons for the very first time this season. I have 12-quarts!

    You have a really nice salad there-awesome.


    1. Velva, 12 quarts! Your lemons must be much cheaper than ours! You have all your gifts made for the year!

  8. I have not tried preserving lemons with salt... right now I have a jar that were preserved with Vodka. I'll be using them soon!

    1. I want to hear about your vodka preserved lemons! Please share.

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  10. Your salad turned out well!

    I understand what you mean about looking forward to this months challenge - cooking with lemons is brilliant!


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