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Cooking Class Monday - How to Clean Your Pasta Machine

I posted this once before but I thought a repeat for Cooking Class Monday was in order.

After my pasta making I wanted to clean my machine.  I really thought there might be an easy way to get out all that stuck pasta dough and flour.  Nope!  This is the story from Imperia.  That is the machine I have.  It actually didn't take that long.  Just wait until the dough that is stuck is really dry.  I cleaned it while I was watching television.

Cleaning your Pasta Machine – the rollers must never get wet!!!
The rollers on your pasta machine are made from carbon steel.
If you wash them with water, they will rust, no matter how careful you are.
Rusted and pitted rollers, will tear in to your pasta as you process it, and will ruin it.
  • you may clean the main frame with warm soapy water and a soft sponge
  • work carefully, to ensure that water does not spill onto the rollers
  • dry immediately 
  • clean the rollers by turning the handle, and running a pastry brush back and forth across each roller
  • Italian cooks have been doing it like this for generations!
  • store your pasta machine in a dry area


  1. I appreciate those tips. I have not used my pasta machine since I left Africa 10 years ago, and now we are settled in France it is time I got it going again. I have pretty much forgotten how to use it!! Diane

  2. What a great little post. I have always tried to just brush the rollers... seemed the right thing to do... but soapy water is necessary on the doughy fingerprints on the machine!!

  3. I should think waiting for the dough to thoroughly dry would do the trick. I find that I have to do this to clean my bread machine, because water just seems to make the dough ever so much gummier. You have certainly put your pasta machine to good use!

  4. Great tips - thanks a lot. I'll try them as I've been wanting to clean my pasta maker.

  5. I have never used the pasta machine my sons gave me as a gift
    ten years ago because the manufacturer recommends not cleaning it.
    Well, how do you get rid of the bacteria from the raw eggs, if you
    only wipe it with a dry cloth ? Thanks, Darlene

  6. What about the pasta cutters. My machine's cutters are a separate unit which attach to the roller. There is no visible way to open the casing, but there is plenty of dough left behind.

  7. Wait for it all to dry then use tooth brush to dislodge bits. Then Vacuum cleaner

  8. It is very important easy to buy and easy to clean when you buy a pasta maker

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