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Casual Friday - Tacos, Tortas and Tamales

I won this cookbook a couple of months ago from Justin at JustCookNYC. Check out his blog. He reviews a lot of cookbooks.

These fish tacos were fantastic! I love the homemade tartar sauce that accompanied them. It was so good that I could eat it with a spoon but that would not be good, would it! I used wild Saskatchewan pickerel. This is a nice sweet mild white-fleshed fish that comes from the cold northern waters. Corn tortillas are now readily available in my small city. Yeah!

Tacos de Pescado   (Fish Tacos)    adapted from Tacos, Tortas and Tamales by Roberto Santibanez

1 large egg
1 c. panko bread crumbs
3/4 tsp. sea salt
1/2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
1/2 tsp. dried Mexican oregano
1 lb. pickerel
canola oil for deep frying

Mix egg, salt, pepper and oregano in small bowl. Place panko in another small bowl. Cut the fish into smallish pieces and add to the egg mixture.

Using a heavy pot, add 3 inches of oil. Heat to 375F and use a thermometer to help maintain the correct temperature.

With tongs, remove fish one piece at a time and let excess egg mixture drain off and roll firmly in panko. Add 2 at a time to the hot oil and deep fry until golden brown on the outside. Remove and drain on paper towels.

Serve with 12 warm corn tortillas and top with shredded cabbage or romaine lettuce and Mexican tartar sauce and pico de gallo.

Mexican Tartar Sauce

1/2 c. mayonnaise
1/4 c. finely chopped dill pickles
2 T. finely chopped pickled jalapenos
2 T. finely chopped red onions
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Mix all and chill. Will keep up to a week in the refrigerator.


  1. I've never had they good Sarah~have a nice weekend~

  2. I had fish tacos for the first time years ago. Although I had to be pushed to eat them, once tasted I loved them. This is a great little recipe and I love the sauce... many thanks!


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