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Farm Visit - Neville

The Farmers' Market is opening so many doors for me. I am meeting local producers and really getting to know what is available right here. It is so nice to find farms like the one I grew up on.

Bill has a very special farm. It was developed previously by an ardent agriculturist who planted a forest of firs and deciduous. He planted several varieties of apples, acres of carraganas and built a quaint home.

 Now Bill is carrying on the vision and has planted a wide variety of perennials and fruits. He has Jerusalem artichokes, borage, comfrey, black currants, several varieties of garlic, heirloom tomatoes and so much more! I felt that I was constantly taking pictures but when I looked at them, I wish I had taken more.

Jerusalem Artichoke

The free range chickens will be harvested soon and  needless to say, he has no problem finding a market. He also has free range turkeys. I hope I am one of the lucky ones to taste these amazing birds.

Thanks for spending so much time with us to share your vision. Bill is so creative in so many ways. 


  1. Bill's got a great place there, but the chicken in the old truck is my personal favorite.

  2. I think we all would appreciate farmers more if we went to visit and see what goes into growing and raising our food. They are champions!

  3. There is NOTHING like a trip to the farm! Love the photos. I do visit the farmers here - and definitely have been to most of the farms I buy food from!
    Sarah - two questions - are you joining Cheesepalooza? You said you wanted to in a comment, then didn't hear more... also, I did write to the gal in the city about the mini hibatchi's but haven't heard back. Loved your cornmeal challenge!!!


I appreciate your comment! Please visit often.