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I Made Butter Tonight

I bought these antique butter parchment papers some time ago for a song.  They were so beautiful and I had no plan but they were so cheap that I could not resist.  Today I fulfilled a long time dream of making butter.  I was gifted some real dairy cream today and could not wait to work with it.

This is my first butter making experience so I do not want to extol the ease of which it is done because, actually, I have not even tasted this yet.  I have not stored it.  I have not made pastry with it.

But for what it is worth it was easy!  I beat my litre of heavy cream until it went beyond the stiff peak stage and began to curdle.  Only a few minutes later the curds became butter.

I removed the butter and kneaded it on a cutting board to remove as much water as possible.  Then I worked it in painfully ice cold water a while longer.

The result is....butter....tada!  These butter papers are so adorable and I wrapped it and refrigerated.  I can hardly wait for tomorrow when I will do something with it!


  1. Oh Sarah, I just love that all natural butter wrapped in parchment! I remember when my mom made butter a few times and it was like magic, one moment cream, the other butter. And so delicious! I wouldn't have resisted not trying a bit on some bread or toast right away :o)

  2. So cute:)I have blueberry scones in the oven..sounds good w:)/

  3. I love the butter wrappers and te fact tat you have made your own butter.

  4. That is awesome! I love the parchment papers!

  5. Sarah many years ago, longer ago than I like to mention, I used to make al our own butter when we lived on a dairy farm. It all tastes so much better than bought, I am very jealous. Diane

  6. I love those wrappers!!! I can't wait to hear how it is to cook with... bet it's going to be amazing... perfect hollandaise? MMM.

  7. When my little guy was in kindergarten, one of our school projects was making butter. It was so much fun for both of us! But we didn't have adorable butter wrappers like yours.


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