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Yorkton Garlic in Swift Current

This is Anna from Yorkton Garlic.  I picked up my first batch from her today and it will be available at my table on Saturday.  I have 20 lbs but I know they are going to go fast and I will be bringing in more.

I spent a couple of hours at the Regina Farmers' Market and thought I would share some pictures.

It is an open air market and for a Wednesday it was bustling.

Buskers added to the fun.

I have been anxious to try this goat cheese made just a few miles south of the city.  I believe they may be the only cheesemaker in the province.
What a sweet baby!  They had cheese tasting, too.

Beautiful colourful swiss chard.

This gal's Mom is a friend of my sister, Gloria.  They gave me the great idea to make fruit smoothies.

Summer dresses would be popular on a hot summer day.

Liquor laws have changed and now boutique distillers can sell their product at the Market. 

On the square is a sculpture by one of my favourite artists, Joe Fafard.

Yum, I wish I had tried these.

No parking?  No problem.  It is a lovely walk on a warm day.

I had to share this picture.  Before driving to the Regina Farmers' Market I stopped at a Hutterite Colony and came upon this mother antelope with her baby.  I have never seen a baby antelope.  I wonder if it is called a fawn?  That little thing could run but Momma always stayed right with it.


  1. What a charming place. I wanted to let you know I mentioned you and your red fyfe flour today... made great pizza!!!!

  2. I was at the Regina's Farmer's Market a few weeks ago. It was great!

    Have a happy weekend Sarah!
    xo Catherine

  3. Loved this cyber trip to the market. Thanks Sarah!


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