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Sunday Morning and no food in the house

I am so so busy with the Farmers' Market and many times I have nothing to eat. Now that doesn't make sense, does it? This morning there is nothing I would like more than a proper weekend breakfast. No eggs. Hmmph. I would love to have an omelet.

So this is my take on an eggless omelet. Or in better moods I would call it potato hash. It is a lot like making a soup - just empty the refrigerator.

Sunday Morning Potato Hash

baby potatoes, 1/2" slice
yellow beans cut in 1" lengths
finely diced onion
mushrooms, sliced
Calabrese sausage, in small dice
duck fat

Heat duck fat in pan and add sliced baby potatoes and rest of ingedients. Stir until all are browned and turn the heat down. If necessary add a couple of tablespoons of water and cover pan with a lid to make everything tender. Serve immediately.


  1. This is one of my favourite breakfasts actually, always sans la oeffe.

  2. Well that sounds about a million times better then the cinnamon toast I had this morning!

  3. Un fond de frigo et de placard très gourmand.
    Un petit déjeuner comme on a souvent envie d'avoir.Un plat très gourmand.
    A bientôt

  4. Wow, you sure know how to make no food in the house look gourmet! Delicious snack, eggs or not!


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