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Fresh Figs and Goat Cheese

Run, don't walk, down to Wholesale Club. Fresh figs just arrived today. They are wonderful! And less than $2.50 for a little basket.

They are deliciously sweet and I love them simply with goat cheese and honey. Thyme is a natural pairing. All you do is quarter and eat. I smear a little goat cheese and honey on the fig or I might use a raincoast crisp and top it with the goat cheese, honey and fig.

I have mixed some bread for the farmers' market tomorrow using figs and thyme. I can hardly wait to try it. I will be making some Drunken Fig Jam with a touch of brandy and also Fig and Thyme Jam for serving with cheese or meat.


  1. What a beautiful picture on such a pretty plate. I'm glad you found your figs, and can't wait to see your jams.

  2. What a delicious treat with such short-seasoned figs! One of my faces!

    Just made a delicious salad with figs too. I've moved if you want to check it out and follow over there:


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