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Spring has Sprung

Spring is many things to many people.  But, for myself it is a reminder of all the bills I have to pay!  Everything big comes at this time ... car insurance, house insurance, property taxes, income tax.   EEK!!

I am used to living in the lap of luxury and now that I have retired from my 'real job' it is taking awhile to get used to the new routine!

So today I decided to create these three piggy banks as a way to save over time for some necessary things.

The maple leaf represents the jar for income tax!

The jar with blue skies and fields of poppies and sunflowers represents Italy and my vacation fund!

The jar with the house reminds me that in a few years I will need a new roof on my house.

So I will stuff money in each jar each month to be ready when the time comes.  I have written the amount on the top of the jar so I remember how much I need to allot to each.

Sounds like kindergarten money management!  But after a life of having the money to satisfy every desire, now I am retired and want to save my savings for the future.  I think it is great.


  1. What a creative idea to save money, since we have moved we are really trying to cut back on spending.So far it's going good as the amenities aren't as plentiful, so less temptation to buy.


  2. You are doing a better job of financial planning than my employer. I say use whatever system works for you. Your approach seems both sensible and aesthetically pleasing!

  3. Property tax and income tax are due here in April, too. Blech! Your saving jars are a good idea, and I think "seeing" progress is helpful for everyone!

  4. Great idea Sarah. It's how we do things around here too; in fact using cash instead of credit/debit cards, living on a budget and stashing any $$ leftover is how we save for our annual month in Oregon. By the time we get there, everything's already paid for and we can just enjoy ourselves.


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