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Kittens in the Kitchen

My friend, Judy, from North Vancouver sent me this picture!  She also has a cat and her name is Lucy.  I can just imagine Miss Sugar here.  I have a chair for her in the kitchen (not this close to the counters though) and that is her place or she can't come in.  She loves to sit there while I cook.  And she likes to get her t-r-e-a-t-s from the refrigerator.  It is really just her moist cat food!


  1. I can see that. You should post a picture of Miss Sugar supervising your kitchen efforts. She's just lovely.

  2. I loved this picture..I had to forward it on to my daughter!

  3. Haha - oh yes - this is very cute! A little kitty hair in the food never hurt anyone! :)
    Happy weekend Sarah!
    xo Catherine


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